Nobue as portrayed in the anime, with a cigarette (as always).

Nobue Itou (伊藤 伸恵, Itō Nobue) or per Japanese order, Itou Nobue, is the oldest character in the series, a junior college student serving largely as a role-model for the younger children. She is the older sister of Itou Chika. She is 16 years old in the manga, and 20 in the anime. She hangs out in Chika's room a lot and borrows her money to buy cigarettes.

She suffers from an impulsive nicotine addiction, and is thus constantly smoking. She is often seen drinking, typically beer, and greatly appreciates the "moe" aesthetic. It is because of this that she is occasionally considered to be a lolicon by fans.

Her favoritism of Matsuri and Ana tends to effect Miu's self-esteem due to her undying admiration for Nobue. This usually results in Miu picking on the two of them out of spite, though Nobue typically comes to their defense.

She is voiced by Hitomi Nabatame in the original Japanese version and by Carol-Anne Day in the English dub.


Nobue is the tallest of the group. In the first episode, she says she is an average sixteen-year old, but then says that was a lie, even though she looks like a teenage girl. She has short brown hair that is usually worn down.


Nobue is generally mature and kind-hearted, albeit rather irritable (especially when it comes to Miu). However, she can become crazy and immature after a few beers. She tends to act without thinking when she's drunk. Due to her attraction to cute little girls, she hugs them without thinking then, too.


  • "She's mine!" (towards Ana, upon hugging her while drunk)
  • "Hey, Chi, I need some money." (to Chika when she needs money for cigarettes)
  • "It really suits you!" (when she sees Ana in a yukata)


  • Nobue has a strong resemblance to Chika.
  • She finds Matsuri and Ana far cuter than her sister and Miu, although she thinks that all of the girls are cute.
  • Nobue was only sixteen years old in the manga, making her far too young to smoke cigarettes and drink alcoholic beverages. As such, her age had to be changed in the anime to make her old enough to do these things that would be considered illegal if she was a minor.