A scene from the episode, Miu is shouting at Nobue.

Title: Bāsudi (バースディ), Birthday

Airdate: 14 July 2005

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The episode starts out with Nobue running out of cigarettes and having to go to Chika to get some money, and she decides to trick her.

Adapted FromEdit

what chapter of the manga was this episode adapted from


  • The girls are twitchy when Nobue comes into the room yet she does not presume that it might be a birthday gift.
  • Matsuri comes along in this episode to help them create a gift for Nobue, but in the manga she does not.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • At the park, Miu goes on the swing standing up, jumps off from extremely high in the air, lands on her feet and yells, 'Massachussets!'
  • Nobue picks up the card Chika made for her, which says, 'To my sis, who has gained weight recently.' The next morning, Chika goes to school with 'Runaway Child' written on her cheek.
  • Miu creates a slapping fan to hit everyone on the head when they fall asleep. However, Miu ends up with 48 hits while Chika and Matsuri both have under 15.


  • "This is Satake. As you can see, he's a tiger." - Nobue

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