Ana Coppola

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Name in Japanese Coppola Ana
Romaji Translation アナ・コッポラ
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mamiko Noto
Voice Actor (English) Katie Rowan
Voice Actor (Korean) Seo Yeong Kim
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 11 years old
Blood Type AB

Ana Coppola (アナ・コッポラ) is a main character in the series Ichigo Mashimaro. She is an 11 year old 5th grader and her birthday is on September 2nd. Anna has blond hair, blue eyes and extremely pale skin. She is originally from Cornwall, England, having lived in Japan since her Kindergarten year. She is known to be very sophisticated, wealthy, well-mannered and thoroughly immersed in Japanese culture. Her friends say that she is very polite and has a good taste in fashion.


Anna moved to Japan at a very young age with her parents and attended kindergarten in Japan, as well as all of her schooling years. However, Anna had had a little bit of trouble at her old school with her last name, so she moved.

On the first day when she started attending the same school as Chika, Miu and Matsuri, she decided not to speak Japanese. As she was walking and talking to herself, she noticed two girls behind her who had heard her speaking Japanese. When she got to class, she had trouble remembering how to speak English so when she introduced herself to the class most of the students understood most of what she was saying.

Later on, it occured to her that if she didn't speak Japanese then she would not be able to communicate with the other students in her class. She looked over to see Matsuri trying to open a door and went to help her. She had grown so accustomed to speaking Japanese that she spoke to Matsuri in it, blowing her cover.

She walked home with Matsuri, with Miu and Chika there too. They all went back to Chika's house, where her friendship with the three other girls began.


  • Ana is constantly teased by Miu because of her name, Ana Coppola, which in Japanese sounds like a typical psychomime (a form of onomatopoeic sound(like manga sound effects) that depict psychological states or bodily feelings). Ana really dislikes her last name for that and becomes angry every time Miu calls her "Coppola-chan". Miu also makes things worse by spelling her name in kanji to mean Ana(hole), Copparaku "bone"and "cave" (穴骨洞?)in the OVA.
  • Ana is shy about her appearance, having light hair instead of dark like the other kids at her school. To make matters worse, Itou Nobue keeps making references to Ana's large chest.
  • In Volume 4, when asked what foods she liked, she almost said she liked natto, then changed her mind and almost said miso soup, but then finally decided she liked Chika's cookies.
  • In Volume 4, when asked what foods she didn't like, she said that she couldn't stand eating broccoli and tomatoes.

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